So I’ve decided to take this project into menswear, mens underwear to be exact.

I have always liked the funky printed pants on sale in H&M and Björn Borg and feel that my technical drawings as well as simplistic line drawings will translate well into this type of garment.

I have spent time researching high street and designer ‘boxer briefs’ or ‘trunks’ and have also came across a couple of brands I hadn’t heard of before my research. One of which is a Canadian company called ‘Ginch Gonch’ whose designs I absolutely loved and found completely inspiring.


I admired their quirky prints and sense of humour. The retro designs infused with playful childlike nostalgia I think will have an impact on my own work. The cartoon and illustrative style also brought fun to the designs which I really liked. The subject matter is often quite boyish including such topics as diggers and fire engines which is like the engineering aspects of my designs. The bright colours are also very influential as I think they are key in pulling off these quirky styles of underwear.

Evidence of bright colours being necessary in this area of design is shown through its consistent use from company to company as illustrated in this underwear compliation I have made.


Sweedish company Björn Borg also employs bright colours and sharp designs in their collection. I really like their designs.bjorn-borg

Whilst doing my research I found out that the average price for a pair of these boxer briefs was between £20-30 which I found to be really expensive. However it is apparent that it isn’t just underwear being sold but a brand identity which comes through packaging, labels and brand power.

Evidently I will have to market my underwear to the same standard as the established companies through inventive packaging and branding.